List Of Papers At Academia.Edu

Essential Changes To Academia Now Required

Beginnings Of Christianity & The Evolution Of Popes

Ancient Royal Law & Religion

Pliny The Younger In The Talmud

The True Story Of Christianity

The Roman Emperors In The New Testament

Discovering Tacitus As Neratius Priscus

Arrius Calpurnius Piso & His Family

On Corresponding Words Of Pliny & Paul’s Epistles

Three Major Religions Created By Ancient Royalty

Arrius Calpurnius Piso (aka the NT Jesus), In The Talmud

Descent Of Emperor Tacitus From Historian Tacitus

Napoleon Bonaparte & The Holy Roman Empire

Arrius Piso Authored The Gospel Of Luke

The Descent Of Pope Fabian From Pope Pius I

Julius Calpurnius Piso & His Family Of Popes

Who Was The Often Quoted Tertullian?

Pope Alexander VI (his ancestors & descendants)

Sir Ronald Syme & Abelard Reuchlin (Rome & Christianity)

Determining Identities Of Ancient Royal Authors

The Eucharist: Eating The Body Of Christ (The True Meaning)

Precedent Example Discoveries & The New Testament

An Account Of The Piso Family (circa 60 CE-145 CE)

Correlations Between Flavius Josephus & The New Testament

Regarding The Gospel Of Mark

Diocletian & His Family (An Updated Report)

Likelihood Ratios Applied To Ancient Studies

Perception Essential To The Study Of Ancient History

Determining Ancietn Identities And The True Nature Of Ancient History

Discovering Aliases And Pen Names Used By Ancient Authors

Working Through Bogus Names In Ancient Texts

Piso Christ: The Other Side Of The Jesus Story


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