Overview Of Pliny The Younger

Christianity is deliberate fraud created by Romans during a time of war. Below is information that will expose it at fraud.

This is just an Overview of a portion of the book ‘Pliny: His Words & Phrases’. It exposes Pliny as the NT “Paul”. I suggest that it be printed out, studied, and kept for reference. Ideally, it should be read along with the Loeb Classical Library edition of Pliny The Younger (in two volumes).

This Overview is a paper of about 40 pages. It presents and explains examples of rhetoric, propaganda, and psychology being used in ancient literature. This is the first time that much of this material has been presented to the public or even made known to academics.

I felt that since this is essential to the proper study of these ancient texts that I share this information by making it available to everyone.

If you read this through completely (which will take some time), you will have learned a great deal; much of which you most probably will not have learned about otherwise. You should not miss this opportunity, nor should you keep it to yourself.

Overview Of Pliny The Younger



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