The Piso Project is about our research on the subject of the Roman creation of the New Testament & Christianity, especially evidence that it was created by Arrius Calpurnius Piso and his family. Here, you will find links to our research, papers and other information.

The Piso Project is a part of the New Classical Scholarship, both of which were founded by Roman Piso. Members of The Piso Project have made important discoveries, mainly that those outside of the New Classical Scholarship have been studying ancient history, ancient texts and religion incorrectly, because they have been thinking of it in the wrong context.

But once one understands this, they may begin to actually produce work of great value and that helps others to likewise understand that it was all done as an “inside job”. Simply stated, in ancient times, royalty held power and control over everything and everyone. They did not allow commoners to write anything for publication. Thus, ALL of the written material that we have from those times were produced by royals who were pretending to be someone other than themselves, using pen names. And knowing this, changes everything.Suggested reading to begin to get an understanding of this would be to start with these two books, The True Authorship Of The New Testament (Abelard Reuchlin), and Piso Christ (Roman Piso, w/ Jay Gallus).



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