Religion Is Harmful.

Religion is much more harmful than most people have begun to realize; in many ways and on several levels. Organized religion, according to new studies was created by ancient royalty as a means to easily manipulate and control the masses. In reality, religion is a form of psychological warfare. Below is a list of various studies and information that further exposes the dangers of religion.

‘Spiritual, But Not Religious’ Can Be More Dangerous Than Outright Religious Belief

Beware Of ‘Spirituality’ As Opposed To Simply ‘Religious’ (Mental Illness More Likely In ‘Spiritual’ People)

OCD: Religion & Risk (Religious Fundamentalism & Religious Fanatic Radicals, Terrorists, Psychotic Behavior, Etc.)

Why Religion Can Cause Mental Illness (Many Sources & Much Research Cited)

Religion & Schizophrenia

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Religion Is Not Benign

Religion Is A Mental Illness (Research Study By Kathleen Taylor, Oxford University Neuroscientist)

Religious Tolerance Is Propaganda

Rhetoric & Propaganda In The New Testament.

Angry & Vicious Bible God Causes Mental & Emotional Problems For Believers

The Roman Piso Papers


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The Roman Piso Papers

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The Piso Project Group on Facebook

Hello, and welcome to my WordPress page, Piso Project.

Those of you who find our work of interest may find more research papers, articles & essays posted at some of our other sites, pages & groups. On Facebook, we have, The Piso Project Page and The Piso Project Group. The Piso Project was founded by Roman Piso back in the 1990’s. The work focuses upon not only the Roman authorship of the New Testament and the creation of the Christian religion by certain Romans, but more specifically, the royal Piso family of Rome. Here is the link to The Piso Project Group:

The Piso Project Group

In addition, I, Roman Piso, founded a whole new way of studying ancient history which is called The New Classical Scholarship, or the NCS. This new way includes new methodology and many other new considerations that have never been used or even thought of by traditional scholarship; and the main reason why is because an entirely different CONTEXT for ancient history was never seen, known or considered.

Of some of the important items that we discovered is that ancient history and all other written material that was published and distributed for public consumption (including ALL religious texts) were written entirely by ancient royalty, as no one other than royals were allowed to write for publication under penalty of death. This created a closed, or controlled environment; which puts this all into another context. It means that it was all an “inside job”. Which, incidentally, explains ALL of the things that have never been explained by traditional scholarship.

Please read my latest paper which better explains and clarifies most of this. It is on the subject of how and why ancient royalty were in the unique position to create various facades, illusions and ideologies, which they also then cleverly promoted. Bear in mind that in order for them to retain their position and status over the masses, they had to create the illusion that they, and they alone, were “chosen” to rule (ordained) by a God or deity. So, they had to create and promote the belief in that God. Again, what we found explains so much. To say that this is a “must read” is putting it very lightly.

How & Why Ancient Royalty Created Facades & Illusions
[The Effective Creation of an Alternate Version of Reality]

Many of my other research papers (Google: Piso Papers or Roman Piso Papers) can be found posted at AcademiaEdu.

Research Papers (Roman Piso) Posted At AcademiaEdu

Please remember to post links to this information and share it with others. Thank you. – Roman

Overview Of Pliny The Younger

Christianity is deliberate fraud created by Romans during a time of war. Below is information that will expose it at fraud.

This is just an Overview of a portion of the book ‘Pliny: His Words & Phrases’. It exposes Pliny as the NT “Paul”. I suggest that it be printed out, studied, and kept for reference. Ideally, it should be read along with the Loeb Classical Library edition of Pliny The Younger (in two volumes).

This Overview is a paper of about 40 pages. It presents and explains examples of rhetoric, propaganda, and psychology being used in ancient literature. This is the first time that much of this material has been presented to the public or even made known to academics.

I felt that since this is essential to the proper study of these ancient texts that I share this information by making it available to everyone.

If you read this through completely (which will take some time), you will have learned a great deal; much of which you most probably will not have learned about otherwise. You should not miss this opportunity, nor should you keep it to yourself.

Overview Of Pliny The Younger


List Of Papers At Academia.Edu

Essential Changes To Academia Now Required

Beginnings Of Christianity & The Evolution Of Popes

Ancient Royal Law & Religion

Pliny The Younger In The Talmud

The True Story Of Christianity

The Roman Emperors In The New Testament

Discovering Tacitus As Neratius Priscus

Arrius Calpurnius Piso & His Family

On Corresponding Words Of Pliny & Paul’s Epistles

Three Major Religions Created By Ancient Royalty

Arrius Calpurnius Piso (aka the NT Jesus), In The Talmud

Descent Of Emperor Tacitus From Historian Tacitus

Napoleon Bonaparte & The Holy Roman Empire

Arrius Piso Authored The Gospel Of Luke

The Descent Of Pope Fabian From Pope Pius I

Julius Calpurnius Piso & His Family Of Popes

Who Was The Often Quoted Tertullian?

Pope Alexander VI (his ancestors & descendants)

Sir Ronald Syme & Abelard Reuchlin (Rome & Christianity)

Determining Identities Of Ancient Royal Authors

The Eucharist: Eating The Body Of Christ (The True Meaning)

Precedent Example Discoveries & The New Testament

An Account Of The Piso Family (circa 60 CE-145 CE)

Correlations Between Flavius Josephus & The New Testament

Regarding The Gospel Of Mark

Diocletian & His Family (An Updated Report)

Likelihood Ratios Applied To Ancient Studies

Perception Essential To The Study Of Ancient History

Determining Ancietn Identities And The True Nature Of Ancient History

Discovering Aliases And Pen Names Used By Ancient Authors

Working Through Bogus Names In Ancient Texts

Piso Christ: The Other Side Of The Jesus Story


The Piso Project Group URL

Descent Of Pope Fabian From Pope Pius I

Our work, along with all the other things that we have discovered and have exposed, continues to expose the fraud of the Papacy and the lies that they have given to those outside the Church hierarchy.

Thus, we will continue to give more information about that. This is a part of our ongoing effort to expose the Christian religion as a deliberate fraud. Of course, the greatest evidence of that comes from times the closest to when it was started.

Pope Fabian From Pope Pius I