How & Why Ancient Royals Created Facades, Illusions & Ideologies

How & Why Ancient Royalty Created Facades & Illusions
(Roman Piso, from the book ‘The Synthesis Of Christianity’, updated 08-30-2015)

This is why so many people for so long have not been able to get through to the truth of what happened in ancient history. It is why they haven’t been able to understand it correctly and why they have thought that they knew & understood what had really happened in terms of how religion came to be; when they have been entirely wrong. It is why no matter what, they have not had an actual clue.

And, it is exactly how all of the resulting history and religion down through that history was possible – ancient royalty was in complete control of everything, including creating the illusion of an alternate reality for the non-royal masses to believe in as if real and true.

They created, over the course of thousands of years, generation after generation, author after author, from a royal play book, an ingenious strategy; one that would force anyone who was not in on it (non-royals) to make incorrect assumptions and buy into all of the created facades, illusions and ideologies that were woven by them (see the book ‘Piso Christ’). In their creation of religion, they created and promoted ideologies and religious components such as ‘God’, a ‘soul’, an afterlife, a ‘Heaven’, a ‘Hell’ (or Hades), the idea of prayer, angels, demons, a Devil or ‘Satan’, etc.

The truth was that no one wrote anything for publication and distribution other than royals, no matter how they made it appear otherwise, under penalty of death. That meant that ALL of the written material wherever royals were concerned and in control, was produced by those royals no matter what the subject matter was; including religion (see my other work regarding this).

That is right. This is what I am saying; ALL of the religious texts down through history up to the middle ages and the fall of the Holy Roman Empire (for the most part), was produced by an Inner-Circle of individuals who were of royal blood; and who knew the truth about all religion being a deliberate fraud. Those who were in leadership positions over religious franchises (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. See my paper ‘Three Major Religions Created By Ancient Royalty’ at AcademiaEdu), were “Inner-Circle” and of royal blood. This is a list of most of the main facades and illusions that they had created. Once you know what these are, then you should be able to figure out just WHY they had created them.*

One. The facade of a measure of Freedom of Speech. Only the royals had this ability, and then, only to some extent. They (ancient royalty), could not openly say anything that they wanted to. Nor could they say anything that would threaten the system that was in place for the royals.

Two. The facade of Upward Mobility. An ancient ‘Glass Ceiling’ was in place. Like the carrot being hung in front of the horse to make the horse go so that it would pull the carriage, so also was there an illusion for the masses to make them stay in their place and try to work their way up the social ladder. Just one form of ‘false hope’ that was offered to the masses to keep them in their place and to get them to do what the royals wanted them to do.

Three. The facade of Roman Dislike of Christianity (early on). They had to create the illusion that they were not involved in creating it (Christianity) so that they would not be suspected of that (Christianity was the result of a committee initiated by emperor Tiberius to create a new religion, the original committee of which, had met in the city of Tiberias, on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. Of those involved in this committee, Seneca was a leading member. See my paper ‘Beginnings of Christianity & The Evolution Of Popes’ at AcademiaEdu). So, they had to play the part of either not knowing anything about it (as Pliny The Younger did), and/or of being indifferent to it, or of disliking it – hence the writings about (false) persecutions.

Four. The facade of What the War (of time in which Christianity was being created) was About. Since the Romans were really the “bad guys”, they could not let that fact be known. If the public knew the true nature of the war (see the book ‘The Synthesis Of Christianity’, where it explains that the war of the ‘Jews’ [Pharisees & Scribes] was being fought over the issues of basic human rights and slavery), they would have joined in on the war and revolted against Rome and the Herodian leadership, just as the ‘Jews’ of the time were doing. The Herodians were the hierarchy of the Sadducees, who the Pharisees were originally at war with; the Herodians having inherited that leadership over the Sadducees from those who had previous authority over that sect, the Hasmoneans (aka Maccabees).

Five. The facade of “Foreigners”. Since it took the cooperation of ALL major (royal) rulers in many different lands, and because with the genealogical data we can actually see how these rulers were related to each other and/or had the same common (royal) ancestors, and knew about it – there could hardly have been any ‘real’ foreigners in the way that people were led to believe. In fact, royals were only allowed to marry other royals to preserve the royal bloodlines. They saw themselves as a separate ‘race’ (various sources, including Philo Of Alexandria, aka Arrius Piso).

Six. The facade of Dynasties. They had to create the illusion that there were dynasties (that rose up out of thin air, and which many times, began from an individual of “peasant stock”, or one who “rose in the ranks”, or “of humble origin”, etc.), so that the non-royal public would never know that they were being ruled over perpetually by the same royal families. Most, if not all of these rulers were very cruel and extremely harmful to the public at large. If the public knew this was the case, they would not have stood for it.

Illusions were created (out of necessity) to make the public think that if someone could rise from the ranks in the military, for example, that they too, might stand a chance at becoming Emperor! This was a very powerful tool for men in the military, with their families being behind them all the way! And also for the rest of the common people who were enduring so much misery their ignorant and simple lives. Remember, the non-royal masses were deliberately being kept in extreme and painful ignorance, while the accumulated knowledge of royalty was being kept from them and only available to the elite royals.

Seven. The facade of ancient Authors Speaking Forthright and Honestly. The ancient authors were royals and yet they could not say to outright. So, by necessity, the had to lie about who they were and about much of what they were saying in their writings (not withstanding their use of a language which they had built into language which we now refer to as the ‘royal language’). They tried not to like when they did not have to or when trying to give important or necessary information so as to be able to leave a means of recovering and knowing the truth and true nature of their writings; they made use of literary devices such as disclaimers and did say truthful things, often out of context or in deceptive ways. For many hundreds of years the general public has believed these ancient authors as if they were just who they had claimed to be, and as if they were writing in an honest fashion. Well, now we know. And that should change everything.

Eight. The facade of Many Different People Writing. Since only the royals were doing the writing and recording of history, as well as being the authors of biblical and other religious texts, it was necessary for them to make it appear that more people were writing than actually were. This went hand in hand with the facade of a measure of Freedom of Speech. They had to make it look like a) anyone could become an author and publish their material, and that b), that this is what was actually going on already and had been for some time; when in reality, it was not. So, the authors played many parts and wrote using alias names and pen names in order for that to be accomplished. All non-royals were kept out of the loop and were never allowed to write anything that was published and/or distributed. However, by doing this, they were leaving “pristine” material and a means in which we could uncover all of this – and once known, would provide us with a wealth of knowledge about them, history and the creation of religion. Arrius Piso, for example, wrote as Flavius Josephus, as well as Philo Of Alexandria, in addition to writing much of the NT gospels and other texts (he appears to have written as Plutarch as well).

* This model of royals being the leadership of religion as High Priests and other hierarchy and leadership positions came from and was sustained from the time of the Egyptian pharaohs where the first son of the pharaoh would inherit the royal throne from his father, and the second (or other sons) would inherit the leadership over religion. The creation of a monotheistic religion had been a project of certain pharaohs for a long while before the religion of the “Jews” had been created by pharaoh Amenemhept I.

Amenemhept I, who had used several names, was also aka ‘Adam’, which was a shortened from of Adamenemhept I, the founder of the 12th dynasty. It was he, who played the part of the God in Genesis. Remember, that to the people that he was ruling over, he WAS ‘God’. Thus, technically, in Genesis, was not lying to the degree that one might imagine. He was, in fact, actually, giving a clue as to who he really was. And the descendants of ‘Adam’ of Genesis (the pharaoh), who were to become the “Jewish” leadership, were actually a parallel line of Egyptian royalty who were of descent from this pharaoh (see our work on the ‘Biblical Dynasty’).

Please share this information with others. Here is a link to where it may be found, along with other research papers of Roman Piso at AcademiaEdu.

How & Why Ancient Royalty Created Facades & Illusions
[The Effective Creation of an Alternate Version of Reality]


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