Modern Psychopaths: Positions Of Power

Modern Psychopaths & Positions Of Power:
Hillary Clinton, An Immediate Concern
(Roman Piso, 02-19-2016)

Before I begin this, there is one thing that I would like to point out that I think that people need to know and be aware of first of all. And that is that most people do not have any realistic idea of just what a genuine psychopath is like. The reason for that is because their idea or impression of psychopaths comes from stereotypes that have been promoted by movies and the media.

There are a few TV shows now, that actually help educate & inform people as to just what real psychopaths are like; such as the ‘Law & Order’ series (see ‘Born Psychopath’, ‘Flaw’ w/ Lynda Carter, and Estella Warren in ‘Design’). Now, psychopaths have access and use technology, and they are networking with each other.

The psychopath of today is no longer the stereotypical loner that gets caught (eventually) committing serial killings. They are much more likely to get others to do their dirty work and remain at large without ever being caught. They are or can be, extremely intelligent; but the focus of their intelligence is in things that help them be what they are and not get caught, such as knowing the law and being able to skirt it and/or otherwise manipulate it.

Contrary to popular belief, true psychopaths are not mentally ill individuals; but are born that way (genetically), as what may rightly be termed ‘anti-human’ beings. And, another main thing that we should all be aware of, and never forget, is that as we are trying to figure out, trying to understand the mind of the psychopath, the mind of the psychopath does not work in the same way as that of the non-psychopath. There are several differences, but they are too complex to go into here. We simply cannot try to figure them out by what WE might think or do. They think differently.

Those who know my work, know that I have a great deal of experience in the area of psychopathy. That experience is over 20 years worth of first-hand experience in the observance of psychopaths. My observation is knowledgeable, objective, and extremely careful. I am also a student of the greats of psychopathy of our time; including the great Dr. Robert D. Hare, of Canada.

In recent years, more than a few of us have become most concerned about what we have observed regarding the high-profile presence of clinical psychopaths in our government, politics and other positions of power, authority and trust.

In fact, this has prompted me to create and build my own campaign to educate & inform people to this growing problem. And, to ask for action in terms of eventually creating required tests for anyone about to enter into a position of power, authority or trust; including, within Academia.

However, the rise in the concern about this came from the reality that we face today in terms of the actual number of psychopaths who are out there among us, how many people each is able to affect and/or victimize, and the fact that the reality regarding them does not match the stereotype; they are no longer “loners” who work alone or use only one or a few people to achieve their goals. Now, they make use of technology, and are networking with each other.

What really began to alarm me is that I was witnessing a trend, one which only individuals such as myself, who had been trained to see and understand the clinical psychopath, could see happening. Dr. Hare, had noticed some of this, at least, and had written about it in both research papers and books (see ‘Snakes In Suits’).

In his book, ‘Snakes In Suits’, Dr. Hare had written about how many CEOs today, are in fact, psychopaths. I had realized this too, but from another perspective. I realized that it was not just CEOs, but many of those who were of what we now refer to as the “1%” (“One Percent”). And, I also had observed how psychopaths have been using technology and other means in order to network with each other and gain power and authority in other ways; such as through political parties.

For example, I could see that many of those who we would term psychopaths and those with the traits of psychopaths (such as psychopaths by proxy) were gravitating towards one political party (the Republican Party) or others like it. What most people hadn’t noticed is that in the past 30 years or so, the Democratic Party had been moving further to the Right. Or, to state that more correctly, the leadership of the Democratic Party had been moving it to the Right slowly enough so that it had not become obvious.

But in reality, where much of the leadership of the Democratic Party now stands is to the Right of moderate and into the Authoritarian area of the political spectrum. That means that the leadership of the Democratic Party no longer represents actual Progressives or those on the actual Left. In fact, in reality, Hillary Clinton is very close to where the Bushes & Donald Trump are on the political scale; with most people being entirely unaware of that.*

My observation of Hillary Clinton and her true views and policies reveal her as actually, anti-Progressive, and a Fascist. Which, had surprised me greatly when I first became of aware of this. But further observation over the course of many months and with the benefit of hindsight regarding her life and career, would reveal a great deal more. Many people do not realize that she was once a Republican. Which, when viewed in context with other things, is also telling.

The fact of the matter is that she was born into a Republican household, and grew up absorbing the Republican viewpoint, and learning about Republican strategy. This was her core foundation in terms of her understanding of politics. She registered as a Republican and worked for Republicans, for Republican causes. Money, was seen by her at an early age as equal to power and authority. Thus, there is no ‘shame’ or adversity in her to greed. Even though greed and corruption tend to go hand in hand.

But as I had been saying, I had been observing a trend involving the Republican Party, wherein it had become a haven for psychopaths. Other individuals that I had observed who had the traits of a psychopath, were Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and Mitt Romney, to name a few. It was not until later, that I learned what I now know about the Democratic Party leadership (termed by some as the ‘Establishment’ Democrats).**

Then, as I had explained, I began to observe Hillary and others. And I found a lack of scruples in the DNC leadership, and a blatant disregard by many in the Democratic leadership, of wrong-doing, lying and other items that had only been observed before in the Republicans and the Republican Party. Others too, had been observing the same things that I had and commenting upon those also. When we see many of the “hardcore” Hillary supporters, they often will not accept anything that contradicts their beliefs and preconceived notions about Hillary; and many times, will do exactly what she, herself does.

We often witness what is termed ‘Willful Ignorance’. We see examples of denial, of course. But we also see facts being distorted or otherwise manipulated, or spun. We see several types of propaganda, such as the omission of facts or of presenting item out of context. And we also see what is termed ‘rationalizing’. All of this, at one time, was not a part of the Democratic Party, but only of other parties, like the Republican Party. The Democratic Party was the party of the Progressives and Intellectuals. We understood all of those things and they were beneath us. So, what happened? We were infiltrated.

We were infiltrated by those who are essentially Republicans in Democratic clothing. And Hillary Clinton is one of those. She is still a Republican, but she had done what the classic psychopath does; “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” And that, is why she changed publicly from a Republican to a Democrat.

Having carefully observed her, I find all of the traits of a clinical psychopath, displayed by Hillary Clinton. To be clear, Hillary Clinton has all the same traits of a clinical psychopath. It isn’t just one or two, but all of the unique traits, as well as sub-traits. The first example is that she is a pathological liar. She cannot help herself. That is a prime example of one of the main traits of a clinical psychopath.

For instance, after claiming for most of her life to having been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, and only recently being caught in that lie, what does she do? She lays the blame on her mother!!! As if she could not have checked on this or figured this out herself… she was born 6 years AFTER he became famous. Hillary just enjoys lying and gets the biggest kicks out of fooling the most people. This has been proven over and over again!!!

Hillary (Clinton) NOT Named After Sir Edmund Hillary

These are a few links to information that proves Hillary Clinton to be a pathological liar. In fact, it is so widely known, that she has a huge trust issue that has hampered her ability to gain (or regain) the trust of many voters, and some are joking about it on television shows.

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That’s right. Remember when Hillary claimed to have been under sniper fire?

Hillary Clinton Launches 2016 Campaign On A Mountain Of Dead Former Associates And Endless Scandals

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Another item is that she uses religion in the same way that clinical psychopaths do. I wrote a research paper about how they do it, this is the link to that:

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Hillary: “I don’t believe I have ever lied”

Hillary’s National Trustworthiness Among Democrats Down To 36%

One item that Dr. Hare does not have in his list is the desire of the psychopath to seek positions of power, authority and trust. He noted their criminality, which, goes along with general ‘corruption’, and corruption, in turn, goes hand in hand with Greed. Hillary has also displayed her Greed.

But by contrast, Bernie Sander’s position is much the same as that of FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and that of Charlie Chaplin in the movie ‘The Great Dictator’, especially in this clip of that movie (the speech scene):

Charlie Chaplin: Greed Has Poisoned The World

Also, clinical psychopaths have a Fascist/Authoritarian element to them. The vast majority of them have been networking and using technology to gain power and powerful positions, and to work together against non-psychopaths, and have been using politics as a means to gain influence over the rest of us.

But most have united under the Republican/GOP banner. Hillary is unique in that she has chosen the Democratic Party. However, she was raised a Republican and was registered and worked as one before becoming a Democrat. Which, when knowing what I know, does not surprise me. This is because another trait of psychopaths is that they make use of this motto: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

In real terms as to her political position, she is to the Right of moderate, and is actually very close to where the Bushes & Trump are. She uses, for instance, the exact same tactics as Republicans, including distorting the facts. She attacks her opponents with statements that she knows are not entirely true and/or misleading; but she does not care. Actual truth, does not matter to her. And this actually goes to what Henry Kissinger has stated the he believes; an individual that she has been close to and has had as an advisor. Henry Kissinger is an individual that many have thought to be a psychopath as well.***

But not all of this can be fully understood by those who do not have a background in this very specialized field. Even ordinary psychologists would not know enough to be able to make the determinations that a specialist in clinical psychopathy would. She has demonstrated that she has no conscience and no real empathy. That is another major trait in psychopaths.

It had been noted that in the 2008 election against Barack Obama, Hillary had made use of “dirty tricks”, but fortunately, even though she used those, she still lost. And now, we again see her using dirty tricks in her campaign. Currently, there are those that we know of with certainty, and there are those which are highly suspect, but which still need to be confirmed. Many people know what dirty tricks she is suspected of, so it appears that those will be revisited later.

Currently, people are speaking out about having been called by Hillary people… meaning those hired by Hillary and her campaign, reporting the use of “Push Polls” in Nevada. I won’t go into detail here as to what “Push Polls” are, you can find that out on your own if you do not already know. In addition to this, there are others who were hired to do her dirty work, but who have a conscience and refused to continue doing those things (such as confessions by Hillary Shills).

People hired to do her dirty work, for instance, were given lists of things to bring up and concentrate upon in terms of manufactured issues and in order to paint Bernie Sanders as a number of negative things, such as a Sexist and Racist. One of the key items relating to a genuine, hardcore psychopath is their ability to get away with almost anything and not be caught. I think that many of the things that Hillary had been involved with and was suspected of, were things that she actually did. But, she thrives on the danger of doing whatever she can and being virtually above the law.

However, one thing that has been noted about genuine psychopaths is that they cannot keep doing what they have been and as they have been, once they get older. Many times, after they have reached an age over 50 or so, they often get found out for what they are and what they’ve did. What has been a serious concern for many of us who have studied history and have hoped that the rest of the world has learned from it is that we would have had something in place by now to prevent the rise of another Hitler.****

It appears, therefore, that we have, at least here in the United States of America, have managed to dodge a bullet. But it is only a matter of time, the way that things are currently set up, that a psychopath will, indeed, eventually, get into the position of President – unless we take measures to make certain that the will not happen.

Thus, we must be proactive in order to prevent that. And a large part of that means educating and informing people, as well as working towards new standards that will include tests conducted by qualified authorities in the specialized area of psychopathy to make certain that no psychopath obtains any position of power, authority, or trust. This is the only way that we can have a reasonable measure of safety and protection from something that will be inevitable otherwise.

What do we find regarding our observations of Hillary Clinton with regards to a standard listing of psychopathic traits prepared by Dr. Robert D. Hare of Canada (arguably the world’s foremost authority)? Note that as we learn more about psychopaths, this list is being updated and/or revised. And, I will be making note of some items on the list that need to be better explained.

Remember, each of the traits listed below have been observed by millions of people over the course of the many years that Hillary Clinton has been a public figure. They can be found fairly easily if they are not already known by any particular individual. And, as an observer, I have seen these all for myself, and therefore, are indeed verified.

[1.] Glibness (fast, easy, smooth talk, insincere) &/or Charm. This almost invariably goes hand in hand with being a pathological liar. Glibness is avoided in most instances (unless the individual is pushed or prodded for details) by such individuals by their habit of speaking in generalities and avoiding specifics. They tend to latch onto what they see working for others in order to “paint pictures”, images or visuals to gain popularity and win others over. We have seen Hillary’s own ideas fail, and now she is speaking using talking points that are those of Bernie Sanders. There is almost a “magic” or natural ability to genuine psychopaths, to “charm” some people. In order to do that, they have been known to reflect the image of those whom they are trying to charm (fool), and they also make use of what we now term ‘cards’ (race card, gender card, etc.).

[2.] Grandiose (Egotist), exaggerated view of themselves. She makes claims of being able to do what others cannot do; but in reality, offers nothing of real change. She represents the status quo and has no genuinely unique ideas.

[3.] Need for stimulation. Hillary, in what I and others have observed, gets a thrill (stimulation) in living above the law and of getting away with things that others would not be able to. She has learned how to skirt the law and has been doing that for a long time now. And it is not only by doing illegal things and getting away with it that she gets her thrills, but also by lying and cheating in elections, and getting away with it.

[4.] Pathological Lying. There are far too many instances of this and many, many people are well aware of this. When Hillary was caught lying about having been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, for instance, she did the classical psychopathic thing and blamed someone else; her own mother. Hillary had gotten away with that lie until just recently, and could have, at any time, checked to see that she was not even born until 6 years after Sir Edmund Hillary had become famous. She, in fact, already knew that, but gets a thrill out of fooling people and viewing them as stupid and gullible. Typical for a psychopath. Hillary is famous (infamous) now for saying, “I believe that I have never lied” and other remarks about lying.

[5.] Cunning (strategy & manipulation, guile). To have done all that she has and to have virtually gotten away with all or most of it requires a great deal of cunning, planning, strategy, and manipulation. Many of the psychopaths who avoid getting caught and/or prosecuted had first learned a lot about the law; even going into the legal profession. “Lawyer” is high on the list of professions that psychopaths are likely to go into, and of course, Hillary was one.

[6.] Lack of Guilt (no conscience or remorse). Again, Hillary tends to place blame elsewhere and not take responsibility for her own actions.

[7.] Shallow Affect (superficial, false &/or ‘rehearsed’ emotion or emotional responses). A lot of people can see through her false emotional displays. One thing that isn’t on Dr. Hare’s list, is that psychopaths will many times make promises that they never intend to keep. In the Nevada Town Hall debate, she had promised that she would not let immigrant families be broken up; but before this, she had the opposite stance on that position.

[8.] Callousness & Lack of Empathy. Hillary has been known to have laughed at hearing of people being killed and of suffering terribly.

[9.] Parasitic Lifestyle (A “User”). This can take many forms. As one of the 1%, she lives off of the sweat from the work of others. Modern ‘Crackers’ or Slave Masters such as the 1% USE everyone else and keep the many in a form of slavery to them (‘Wage Slavery’).

[10.] Poor Behavioral Controls. Such as having a lack of good judgment at important times and of making costly mistakes, sometimes quick to anger, etc.

[11.] Sexual Promiscuity. Though I do agree with Dr. Robert D. Hare that true psychopaths can be sexually “promiscuous”, again, that can take various forms. Sometimes, they get this vicariously; through the sexual promiscuity of others. By that I mean, it need not always be obvious.

[12.] Early Behavioral Problems. Instances of this trait can be difficult or even impossible to find out about unless the individual had been observed carefully from birth and/or unless records were kept of such problems. I don’t know if there is information out there about this regarding Hillary. And, when someone comes from a family where they are careful about their reputation, they often cover things up and/or ignore them. Which may be the case here.

[13.] Lack of Realistic Long-Term (Life) Goals. ‘Realistic’ generally applies to those who play by the rules, who don’t lie and cheat to get somewhere. Without having used the methods, means and manipulation that Hillary has, she would not realistically be in the position that she is in now. With everything out in the open, on the table, without lying and cheating, and having to be honest and truthful, Hillary in fact, would not have gotten away with the things that she has. Another thing that played into that is in getting to know many powerful & wealthy people, whom she has likewise taken advantage of.

[14.] Impulsive. Which Hillary has been at times, and many times then tried to explain away. One example of this is how her views can change according to what happens to be more popular at the time.

[15.] Irresponsibility. Since this seems to be the same as the next item on this list (Failure to Accept Responsibility), I take this to mean instead, as ‘recklessness’. Or at least, appearing to be so to those who do not understand fully just what the individual may have actually been doing. Remember, they are extremely intelligent and plan things out as strategies. Which also means that what they do is deliberate. So, whenever a psychopath claims that something that has caused harm or death to someone, we should be aware that when it involves psychopaths, there are rarely, if ever, actual accidents.

[16.] Failure to Accept Responsibility. Again, this can be seen in attempts to blame others for mistakes or other things, instead of taking responsibility for these things herself.

[17.] Several Short-Term Relationships (marital, non-marital/premarital, extra-marital, etc.). These, in Hillary Clinton’s case, are more a matter of getting to know key people and of gaining influence and other advantages. There is some reason to suspect that she may have cheated on Bill, but getting into such matters is something I do not really care to pursue myself.

[18.] Juvenal Delinquency. This is virtually the same as …. ‘Early Behavioral Problems’, there may or may not be a record or proof of such with regards to Hillary. Besides, though some may not care for my saying this, but in general, females can and do get away with some things that males in general, do not. And again, psychopaths will play ‘cards’ (the gender card, etc.).

[19.] Revocation of Conditional Release. Some of these apply to psychopaths who have already been caught, and therefore, do not apply to those who have not yet been caught and/or identified as such.

[20.] Criminal Versatility. Look at all of the various controversies and/or alleged crimes that Hillary has been accused of or associated with.

After having read through and verified each of the traits listed in Dr. Hare’s list with regards to Hillary Clinton, there is also a “sub-list” of trait or details related to various traits that are further verification of psychopathy.

In much of the research that has been done and written about, the subjects have been those who have been caught and who were, in general, interviewed and/or observed during incarceration or while being confined, etc. That is, mainly, those individuals who had been caught. My own findings, at least in part, tend to contradict some of that methodology. Which, is why I had developed another system of defining various ‘types’ of those who have been termed psychopaths. In that system, there are two main types; ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’.*****

True psychopaths seldom, if ever, get caught. Or, at least this has been the case before there have been so many recording devices around. Even so, they allow for that and are aware enough to be careful enough to avoid detection. True, hardcore (genuine) psychopaths are all about what they are and of doing whatever they can, without ever getting caught doing so. They will have others do their dirty work for them. And thus, they, themselves, never get caught and continue to harm, damage, ruin lives and even cause the deaths of others.

No matter what you take away from this paper, remember this one main fact: all true psychopaths are masters of manipulation and they make use of a large bag of tricks, which includes, lies, spin, and misinformation, as well as promises which are never meant to be kept, but instead, just said to get what they want. Their ‘word’ means nothing, except what it can get for them. Words are their main means of manipulation. Which, is another reason for a reform in our words and word usage, or a dramatic change in language; so that there can be virtually no lying. It can be done. We can begin by making each word have only ONE meaning. See my work on a new universal language.******

Another item that I have noticed that seems to have escaped the notice of others who observe psychopaths is that they will, at times, not complete their statements. By that I mean, this is another trick. Because rather than actually state something, they let those listening to them “fill in the blanks” for themselves.

That way, they can rightfully claim that they never said such and such. To the untrained eye, it may appear that the psychopath is simply thinking faster than they can get their entire statements out or trying to say too much in a short amount of time. But you will notice that at times when this happens, it is like they were interrupted while they were trying to say something, when in fact, they were not; and no one was rushing them.

And, another thing that they do is that they will use ‘disclaimers’; but they are cunning in how they do it. Because they will disguise them or make statements that are made sometime before saying something, and say them in a different context or so that their disclaimers are not perceived to be associated with the statement/s that they disclaim. Virtually, any and all tricks that can be thought of are used by true psychopaths.

* Hillary Clinton. In reality, as a fascist, because of her position regarding the elite, as one of the 1% and protector of the 1%. And an explanation of just what a fascist is. And in reality, as a non-Progressive and even anti-Progressive, regardless of her claims. She calls herself a Democrat, but in reality, too, is actually a Republican. She is a master manipulator.

** Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Scott Walker has long been observed and his psychopathic traits have been noted and mentioned many times. Mitt Romney, has also been noted for his psychopathic traits, much of the proof of his psychopathy comes from observations of his actions, methods, and rise as a CEO.

*** Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger, is another example of an individual who has been in a position of power & authority who has been observed displaying traits associated with clinical psychopaths.

**** Hitler. It has been argued both that Adolf Hitler was a psychopath, and also that he was not. Whether he was, or whether he was being manipulated by a psychopathy (or more than one) is something that I think we need to work towards finding out with certainty. Perhaps in time, we will be able to make a better determination. Remember that genuine psychopaths are masters of manipulation, and they have no conscience, etc.

***** The New System Of Psychopathic Types (‘Primary’ & ‘Secondary’ Types). See my work in this area for more details. In brief, the new system takes into account both main types and other sub-types, whereas the ‘Primary’ type are the Genetic type, or genuine psychopaths, and the ‘Secondary’ type are those who may have many of the same traits, but for which there may be other causes for those traits, perhaps as ‘symptoms’ (i..e., in some instances, caused by physical accident or brain damage, or by having been a victim of a Primary Psychopath, so as to have become a psychopath by proxy, which, in the past, appears to have been misidentified as psychopathy by environmental cause).

****** New Universal Human Language. Another means to break down barriers between human beings. And a means to reduce and eventually eliminate lies and manipulation by those who use language for that purpose; most notably, psychopaths. See my work on the problems of language and language comparison.


Much of my research in the area of psychopathy is in observation and examination. In fact, I am the first person to have ever identified an ancient author as a psychopath by examining his writings. My experience in observing psychopaths goes back over 20 years, with most of that time as first-hand experience observing psychopaths on a daily basis.

It is because of my knowledge and experience that I feel confident enough to speak on behave of what has been observed as psychopathic traits displayed by Hillary Clinton. And, I think that it is an obligation on my part, therefore, to make others aware of my findings, as to me, we are now presented with what should be a clear and present danger.

That danger that we face presently, being that we have no system in place to prevent a clinical psychopath or individuals with mental issues from obtaining positions of power, authority or trust. There are no tests to prevent such individuals from obtaining critical positions of authority. We need to address that. And we need to begin to install such protections ASAP. And in this age where psychopaths have access to the same technology as the rest of us, this becomes increasingly dangerous as each year goes by.

In terms of Hillary Clinton having lied & cheated in this most recent election (2016), there are sites in which Evidence Against Hillary (Clinton) are being complied, such as:

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Modern Psychopaths: Positions Of Power

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