More Papers Added To Academia.Edu

Hello, I’ve been posting more papers with information on the Roman creation of Christianity at the research site for scholars.

The last two that I posted are, ‘Julius Calpurnius Piso & His Family Of Popes’, and ‘The Descent Of Pope Fabian From Pope Pius I’. Here is the link to view the one about Julius Piso, and you can read the rest of the papers via the other link below.


Extremely Important Paper: “Who Was The Often Quoted “Tertullian”?”

Anyone who studies anything at all having to do with ancient history, anyone that quotes ancient historians, Church Fathers, and so on will need to read this. The information in this paper will change how ancient authors will be viewed and understood once this information has become common knowledge. As they say, “this changes everything!” If you or anyone you know studies ancient history, this is a “must read”!

This has to do with the Roman creation of Christianity, the subject matter that is covered in the book ‘Piso Christ’.

Piso Christ on Amazon

Hello. Welcome to The Piso Project.

What is The Piso Project? The Piso Project is an effort of various member researchers to contribute to our knowledge and database, information regarding the Roman creation of Christianity – particularly that of the royal Piso family of the Roman Empire.

Here, you will find links and other information to help you to better understand our work. We have discovered some very important things. Our findings will change the way that ancient history, texts and religion will be studied in the future. This is because among other things, our findings have revealed that ancient history has not been studied in the correct context.

The correct context for studying ancient history is much more complex than researchers have been previously taught to understand. What our work as made us understand is that ancient history and all texts (including “religious” texts) that were produced for publication were written by royalty and that non-royals were never permitted to write anything for publication under penalty of death.

Thus, it was, in short, an “inside job” and needs to be analyzed as such. It cannot be both. It had to be this way, or the way that it has been studied previously. That means that this MUST be considered and examined because everything that we may be able to know about ancient history and religion hangs in the balance until this is resolved for all scholars.

So, you may now being to see why this work is so important. Research papers will be posted at You may get there by the link (that should show up here) or copy & paste the URL into your browser.