Religion Is A Form Of Psychological Warfare

Religion is much more harmful than most people have begun to realize; in many ways and on several levels. Organized religion, according to new studies was created by ancient royalty as a means to easily manipulate and control the masses. In reality, religion is a form of psychological warfare. Below is a list of various studies and information that further exposes the dangers of religion.

‘Spiritual, But Not Religious’ Can Be More Dangerous Than Outright Religious Belief

Beware Of ‘Spirituality’ As Opposed To Simply ‘Religious’ (Mental Illness More Likely In ‘Spiritual’ People)

OCD: Religion & Risk (Religious Fundamentalism & Religious Fanatic Radicals, Terrorists, Psychotic Behavior, Etc.)

Why Religion Can Cause Mental Illness (Many Sources & Much Research Cited)

Religion & Schizophrenia

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Religion Is Not Benign

Religion Is A Mental Illness (Research Study By Kathleen Taylor, Oxford University Neuroscientist)

Religious Tolerance Is Propaganda

Rhetoric & Propaganda In The New Testament.

Angry & Vicious Bible God Causes Mental & Emotional Problems For Believers

The Roman Piso Papers


One thought on “Religion Is A Form Of Psychological Warfare

  1. Most people still do not know much at all about religion. One of the most important things regarding religion is for one to do their homework before thinking about joining any religion. That is why it is wrong to indoctrinate the young into religion. That is called Hereditary Religion. And, in reality it is child abuse.

    Another thing to do is to study the history of religion and look for and read the latest studies on religion – particularly, anything exposing it as a danger or harmful in any way.

    My research of the history of both history (yes, the history of history) and religion. My work exposes the sustained rule of the known work by royalty, which is called Royal Supremacy.

    What was found is that down through history, organized religion was created by ancient royalty. And this was done for several purposes, including keeping the non-royal masses ignorant and superstitious so that they would be more easy to both control and manipulate.

    In reality, religion represents an alternate form of (created version of) reality. The effects of which are negative to both believers and those who have to live with them. Religion is a form of psychological warfare.


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