The Biblical Dynasty

The Biblical Dynasty (And The Truth About Religion)
(Roman Piso, 04-06-2011, edited 05-31-2017)

For some time now I have been busy trying to tell the world the truth about religion. I have even said that the people responsible for the world’s more pervasive religions were my own royal ancestors. And this is true. I have tried to inform as many people as I can to what they did and why they did it, and to help people to understand this step-by-step. It is my responsibility to do my best to undo the harm that my ancestors did to the world. And so, there is no choice for me but to continue until everyone is informed of this and finally accepts the truth about religion.

This is not the easiest thing for me to say or talk about, but it is true that some of my ancestors were indeed psychopaths. Also, there are some of my relatives who know that I have been telling the world about this, but who would rather I not do so. I know the damage that the lies and twisted ideologies have caused and will continue to cause if left unchecked. This is now about the survival of the human race and our planet. The result of what my ancestors did is that the world is now a place in which psychopaths run free, occupy positions of authority and remain in a position to control and manipulate the populace. And if humanity is to survive, it cannot continue to be left in the hands of psychopaths.

My royal ancestors had already known how to rule and control the masses when they began to create the three main religions of the world. This is because they had been ruling over dynasties even before dynasties were formally known as such. And that was long before the person known to the world as ‘Adam’ had existed. Those earliest ‘dynasties’ are called by archaeologists by the term “proto-dynasties”. These ancestors of mine established the first dynasty in Egypt.

It wasn’t until the 12th dynasty that the pharaoh Amenemhept I (aka Adam-en-em-hept I, etc.) began to create the religion that would later become known as Judaism. He was the founder of the 12th dynasty, but he was also creating another dynasty parallel to that one which was known to his family and descendants as the “biblical dynasty”. This pharaoh had envisioned the way that he wanted his religion to be and left instructions for its further creation and establishment to his descendants. He had created the first part of the story of Genesis and borrowed from some from already known religions for some of the other portions of his religion.* This religion, was only a part of what he had envisioned to do.

He needed to continue to rule over Egypt and so, he had assistance from his sons to create his then new religion – a monotheistic religion. In it, he, the pharaoh was the god and played the part of God. He also played the part of Adam. He, like many of the ancient rulers played around with words. He placed ‘Adam’ in a wonderful place which was called the “garden of Eden”. It was a play on the letters that were used, it was actually, the “garden of Aten”. That, was a royal garden belonging to the pharaoh himself. And the name ‘Adam’ was already a name by which this pharaoh was known. Other information about this pharaoh and the story of Genesis and others will be made known; but at this time, I am giving an overview of what these ancient royals did.

The Pharaoh’s son Seth stayed with him in Egypt and ruled there with him and then also after he died. Another of his sons, known as ‘Cain’ went to another land to establish followers for the new religion with his brother’s son Enosh. Cain had a son of his own whom he named after his brother’s son who was helping him, Enoch. And Seth while ruling in Egypt was known as Sesostris, his Egyptian name. His son Enosh, had a son, and he named him after his uncle, calling him Kenan (Cainan). It was Cain and his descendants who established the people known as Cainanites. In the line of descent from Adam, Seth’s wife is unnamed. But knowing that Seth as actually the Pharaoh Sesostris I, we then know that his wife was his sister or half-sister Neferu III. But to have given her name in the Bible would have revealed what the authors were trying to hide. And so, they either did not give the names of wives or they changed them so that they would not be recognized. The authors of the biblical texts actively and very diligently did what they could to hide the information that would expose the truth of what they were doing by whatever means possible, while still leaving parallel texts and information which did contain the missing information.

In the biblical texts, you will find the descent of Noah from Adam. What most people do not see, is how the names of these people still either contained the Egyptian names of their ancestors or are derivative of them in some way. One of the most telling ways of discovering this is to look at the ‘a’ (Ah/Yah) and ‘o’ (as ‘Ah’) sound used in these names (i.e. phonetics). Also, they still used the ‘Re’ and ‘Aye’ sounds from the Egyptian names and titles. There was a parallel line of descent from ‘Adam’ to that of Noah which descended from Adam’s son Cain. And it is from that line that Noah got his wife Naamah. Also parallel to these was the still ruling line of the Pharaoh in Egypt. And so, knowing this, we know that Noah and his ancestors did not live for hundreds of years as the biblical text would have people believe, but lived lives that were of the same duration as other people of that time. That too, was another deliberate deception. The reason? So people could not easily figure out the truth about who ‘Adam’ and other members of the Biblical Dynasty were.

Years ago, I knew this. And this is how I discovered that my ancestors had used ‘Egyptian’ years instead of years as we know them to pull off this illusion. I can’t go into further details here, but I have written about this and explained it all before. Now back to Adam (aka pharaoh Amenemhept I). He left instructions to his sons, namely Seth (Sesostris I) and Cain. Cain and Seth’s son Enosh were busy establishing a new place, one in which they could begin to try out their new religion; to work out some of the ‘bugs’ you might say. It took them several generations, but they continued to work on Genesis. By the time of Noah, Noah was ready to play the part of God’s ambassador to the world. He played the part of himself and wrote his sons into the story of the flood; which was a fictional flood that was borrowed from the story of Gilgamesh.

Noah’s sons, then went on to establish various kingdoms of their own. In the story, it was as if Noah was the beginning of a new world. He inherited the right to play God from the original ‘god’ himself, the pharaoh Amenemhept I. From Noah’s son Shem, descended a line of the biblical dynasty down to Abraham; and from Abraham, Moses was descended. And so, we can see that Moses was a direct descendant of the pharaoh Amenemhept I, thus, a member of the Biblical Dynasty, and informed of what all the other members knew – the truth about religion.

And a story was invented and used as a part of the then new religion. I have written about much of this before as well. I wrote about how the so-called ‘miracles’ in Exodus were actually accomplished, and I wrote about how the 7 plagues of Egypt were invented and how they actually referred to Egyptian symbols, themes, and gods. I wrote about how the parting of the Red Sea was actually a deliberate misleading statement referring to a geographical place at the “Reed Sea”, where when the wind blows just right through hills there it parts the water in a certain spot at certain times of the year. A natural phenomenon.

Again, people such as Moses, David, and the Prophets who wrote much of the biblical documents were descended from people who knew the truth about religion, who had used it even in their distant past (to control and manipulate people), and thus, knew the truth about it being deliberate and misleading lies. Also remember this, Levi was the great-grandson of Abraham. And all those descended from the Levitian line were of this biblical dynasty. And regardless of who ‘Jesus’ was or who played him in the New Testament, the gospel texts declare his ancestry from Levi. And that he is also descended from King David, who was also a descendant of Abraham, and member of the biblical dynasty. So, here in revealing these things, we have shown three major religions to have been deliberate frauds perpetrated upon the world by this one biblical dynasty, through its various branches.**

* Such as the story of Gilgamesh for the flood story that he would have his descendants finish and play parts in.
** Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Judaism was created by the family and descendants of the pharaoh Amenemhept I (aka Adam-em-en-hept I). Christianity was created by descendants of the biblical dynasty, by the person who became known as ‘Jesus’; and thus, this too, was created as a deliberate deception designed to trick and fool people so as to have them become believers. And, the individual known as the prophet Mohammad was also a descendant of this biblical dynasty. That can be seen in the genealogy of his ancestral descent from Abraham via Isaac. In addition to this, the Koran mentions and revers ‘Jesus’, and this is supposed to be taken as sacred and true by the followers of Islam. And so, all three of these religions were inventions of this one biblical dynasty. This is the truth about these religions. They are illegitimate, because they were created out of lies and for the purpose of deceiving, controlling and manipulating people (and amassing wealth). They are not in the least true or to be believed, as they are and have been sanctioned fraud.

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