The Oligarchy: Aka The One Percent

The Oligarchy: Aka The One Percent
(Roman Piso, 11-07-2016)

Whatever it is called, we are talking about a group of people who are born, raised and live much differently than the rest of us. And, as a consequence, view us much differently than we view ourselves.

To them, we are like livestock or chattel, to be used in whatever way they wish. In this context, we are not actually free. And the illusion of freedom has worked for them for many, many years. Their ancestors actually created, promoted and maintained that illusion.

What names have these individuals as a group been known as or called? They have been called anything from The Illuminati, The Inner-Circle, The Oligarchy, and The One Percent. Many of us have known of their existence, those whose power (via wealth, influence, etc.), has affected politics and many other aspects of our lives and world.

It was Senator Bernie (Bernard) Sanders who made many more people aware of them and just how obscene it is to possess the kind of wealth they do while so many others die for lack of enough money to even live a basic life. We now know that Hillary Clinton and other corrupt Establishment Democrats conspired against Bernie Sanders to prevent his election to presidency by the American people.*

People who did not realize that such individuals such as the 1% actually exist and/or what they were doing in terms of our politics, etc., would laugh and say that you were a conspiracy theorist before Sanders made people aware that this is indeed fact. Now, since many more people are aware and realize that this is reality, they are organizing and working to put an end to the situation as it has existed.

Those who are a part of The One Percent are, in fact, ruling our world behind the scenes. And while not all of those who are extremely wealthy are evil, or even officially a part of The Oligarchy (such as Bill Gates and others who made their wealth for themselves in a legitimate way), the majority of them are.**

Which is why, we must view the situation as it is. To them, it is profit over people. And, they are, in the process, poisoning, polluting and destroying our world; including causing the extinction of many of the world’s species.

Politically, they have manipulated elections around the world. They pump money into the campaigns of those who will protect their interests, while destroying any chances for those who would oppose and expose them. They know which politicians are corrupt and/or their puppets. They simply pay them off. And therefore, election fraud. This is why Bernie Sanders, a proponent of social democracy, never had a chance.

We know this, we MUST defeat them. We MUST change the system. And, we MUST make important changes to how we allow Capitalism to work from now on. That means passing laws to see that those changes are enforced so that we can take our world back. And, it also means that we MUST abolish The One Percent around the world. But we need to begin that ASAP.

What does that mean? It means that we need to put a cap upon how much wealth any individual is able to possess. And the reason is because of what such wealth has been doing to us and our world. We once had to put laws in place to prevent monopolies, for instance. And now, despite having done that once, most of the media in the U.S., including where we get our news, is owned by 6 companies.

The One Percent has a monopoly on our wealth, resources, our freedom and our say in how our world is and is run. And, on who is supposed to represent US as president, but who actually, represents THEM and their interests. Yes, a cap upon individual wealth will be necessary.

How can we figure out just what is fair and reasonable regarding the amount of wealth that an individual can have? Well, I think that one thing that can help us to make that kind of determination is in knowing just at what level of wealth these problems begin. That is going to take a lot of research.

However, in the meantime, I think it reasonable to limit or cap wealth at some multiple of millions; but which, at some point or various points, may be adjusted depending upon the value or buying power of the dollar.

What amount of money could an individual live a “good life” for themselves and their family, and have the ability to buy many things that they would like or need, and still not cause serious damage to the rest of our lives? For now, I would say about 20-30 million dollars.

Now, please pay close attention. Because I am not saying that businesses, companies or even corporations at least in some form, can no longer exist. But, rather that we make necessary changes.

For instance, they should be run responsibly, in all aspects. Businesses will be able to make profits over the cap for individuals, but that wealth must be left in the business and must not be available to individuals for the use of those individuals.

* Via several sources, including Wikileaks.
** They used to refer to themselves as “Old Money”. Meaning that they “came from money” or an already wealthy family. And that was an inference that they had a common ancestry, and that their family tree went back to royalty. Their ancestors influenced history.

Please read my other articles and papers on the subject of The Oligarchy, The Inner-Circle and/or The One Percent.

Can you handle the truth? If so, then learn the reality of the situation as it actually exists.

The truth is that in the past, for centuries, a royal family oligarchy controlled the known world. They, along with the Catholic Church were unified under the name of The Holy Roman Empire.

Today, many of the descendants of those who ruled in the past are doing the same thing; as the 1%. Read, learn & share.

Oligarchy And Ancient Genealogies


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