The Roman Piso Papers [on Academia(dot)Edu]

At this point in time (Wed. 09-20-2017), there are now 108 research papers of mine posted at Academia(dot)Edu. That is the site which you will most likely be able to find most of my work that is available to the public to read for free.

On that site, also at this point in time, I have posted papers with the genealogies of popes down through history – which give the ancestry of no less than 35 popes going directly back to the main creator of Christianity; Arrius Calpurnius Piso.

You will also find a great deal of information in papers of mine at that site on the subject of The Oligarchy, the 1%, and the Biblical Dynasty and related subjects. Now, I also would like to ask that you consider buying &/or reading my book ‘Piso Christ’. If you cannot find it at your local public library or local university library, you may put in a request that they obtain a few copies for their readers.

Or, you may simply purchase a copy of ‘Piso Christ’ from any major bookstore or from Amazon(dot)com. In the meantime, here is the link to get into my area of Academia(dot)Edu:

The Roman Piso Papers

Thank you. And please share what you learn with others as in this way, we will slowly, but surely change the world for the better!


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