Understanding The Oligarchy

Understanding The Oligarchy [And Their Rule Of Our World]
(Roman Piso, 04-05-2017)

They actually laid the foundation of our world and the way that it works, as well as developing its infrastructure. We, the 99 percent, were born into a world that was created to keep us down. A world, that was created (or rather, “synthesized”) to be as it is – not to be anything good for us; but something good for the few… the very few. And yes, at our expense!

Now, to better understand the Oligarchy or the 1% (actually, those who are really in control of our world are of much less than 1%, but it is easier to just say, “the 1%”), we need to not only ask questions, but to answer them as well. It just so happens that I had already been researching the Oligarchy for more than 20 years before people like Jimmy Carter, Jesse Ventura and Bernie Sanders started talking about it.

Thus, I am perhaps the one main person who not only knows the most about them, but who will also tell you about what I now know. Others who know, may not know as much, and they may not want to tell you what they know. The fact of the matter is that you most likely will not find out anything about the Oligarchy or the 1% via an education from within present day academia. In fact, what you “learn” or are told from within academia today, most likely will steer you away from what you would need to know about the subject.

There is a lot to learn about this subject. And the reason is because it has many facets to it, and, because it has been around for a very long time. I learned about this slowly, bit by bit over the course of several years. It was like a puzzle, where you’d fit a few pieces together, and there would be another group in which some pieces would fit, and over time, groups of pieces began to fit together, so that eventually, a larger picture emerged. And, in order to do what I did, I had to know a great deal about ancient languages, ancient history and religion. And, it took a great deal of time and dedication. In essence, I did most of the difficult work that others either did not want to do, or could not do.

I came into this or gained the knowledge that I have, by finding the way into it. And, that was to study what I could about just how and why Christianity came to be. I already had a foundation of knowledge in which to draw upon, but I found Abelard Reuchlin’s work, and we began to work together on many areas of the Roman creation of Christianity.

Abelard Reuchlin had written ‘The True Authorship of the New Testament’, in which, he explained what he had found. I was as skeptical as anyone else. What had convinced me was that a) all of his references checked out, and b) my own work supported his findings and added to it, and in some cases, either clarified and/or corrected it, and c) his example of Tacitus as Neratius Priscus. I think that this may be the best way for anyone to begin working through ancient aliases and pen names.

Now, for this to have been possible, ancient authors would have had to have been able to have some measure of control over what was written and just who could write and be published. To me, that meant that these ancient authors were working from within a closed or “controlled” environment. How could such a situation exist?

I began to ask and answer more questions. For one thing, why were ancient authors writing in the way that they were writing? Why could they not write clearly and forthright? They would write entire books, which addressed many people and things, but where they could easily give essential information, they would not. Information, that one would expect due to the fact that they, themselves, had brought up the subject. Such as giving the name of someone and/or their relationship to another they had mentioned, as if, deliberately omitting vital information.

What Reuchlin would refer to as ‘code’, I began to piece together more and more, so that instead of simple code, as he had imagined it, I was instead, seeing an entirely language within language being used. I termed this the ‘Royal Language’. And if this was something that was being used within writings universally (at least within the Roman Empire and/or the known world at the time), then that meant that royals were the ones who were writing, and they were not allowing non-royals to write for publication.

And that, in turn, meant that they were actively creating and promoting not just one illusion or facade, but a number of them. They were perpetuating belief in a false version of reality which they, themselves, had created. That is, the known world was being manipulated and controlled nearly entirely, by royalty. So, royalty, was privy to this and was keeping this a secret from non-royals or “commoners”. I gave this condition or situation the name of “Royal Supremacy”.

Now, my research centered mainly upon the time in which Christianity was being created. So, in and around the 1st and 2nd Centuries, both of BCE (BC) and CE (AD). Given that I saw this in evidence during that time, I needed to find out more about when this situation began and if it extended on up to present day. Slowly, over the course of time with more and more study and research, I would find out more answers.

Though I still cannot answer just when ‘Royal Supremacy’ began, or when the Royal Language had begun to be used, I have found out enough to have a good idea about those things. First, think about it. Ancient royals were using a language within language. And, this was being done with all of the main languages of the time (Greek, Latin, Hebrew; and, apparently, Aramaic). There is some evidence that it was the same with Egyptian and Phoenician, and others.

We must think of not simply when the “royal language” began to be used, but also of who had created the very languages that it was being used within. And that answer, seems to be that they, those languages, were created by the royals who were using them. Also, religion was a large part of the means in which ancient royals manipulated and controlled the populace. So, we have that also as a part of this and a way in which this may be monitored, at least to some degree.

We may also think back upon when and by whom, the concept of royalty itself, had begun to be put into practice. As far as can be determined, this virtual control of our world began as far back as royalty itself, may be traced; and, remember, it was royalty that was in control of writing everything, no matter what the subject matter. That includes, of course, religious texts and history itself. So, it appears that at least to some degree, this had been going on since the beginning of written history.

As far as determining how long this condition existed beyond the creation of Christianity, I have answered that to my satisfaction. That condition still exists. That control of our world, or at least the known world, back then, up until our time, can be traced by those who were in positions of power and control during that time.

The methods and means would go through some changes at various points, but those who were ruling or in control of our world were of certain royal families, via various branches of those families. And those within those families, could either trace their ancestry back to those who were in control of it in the first century of our era; and even more specifically, back to Arrius Calpurnius Piso and his family or his royal relatives.

Abelard Reuchlin found Arrius (Arius) Calpurnius Piso as the main creator of Christianity and the main author of the gospels, as well as the creator of the composite New Testament character, ‘Jesus’. The gospels were written in the form of a play, and Arrius Piso played the part of the NT Jesus in the gospels. Arrius Piso and his royal relatives gained control of the Roman Empire once they succeeded in getting rid of Nero. Arrius Piso wanted his grandfather’s brother (Vespasian) to become emperor. Once Nero was gone, others rushed in to claim the throne (Galba, Otho and Vitellius), so, they had to be dealt with as well.

But once Vespasian became emperor, the way was clear for Arrius Piso and his family to work on the gospels. Vespasian was okay with that, but he died in 79 CE. And then his son Titus became emperor. But he ruled only a short time, before he died (apparently, or possibly poisoned by his brother Domitian). Domitian then became emperor. And Domitian did not like Arrius Piso or his family; except for Pliny The Younger, Arrius Piso’s younger foster brother. Domitian had Arrius Piso and his family exiled far from Rome. But he kept Pliny The Younger close to him.

In any case, Arrius Piso and his family would continue to work on the New Testament texts while away from Rome. And Arrius Piso would write as Flavius Josephus during that time as well. They were not free to make Christianity public or advertise it while Domitian was ruling. So, during the 90s CE, they tried to assassinate him. At least one attempt failed and one of Arrius Piso’s sons, was killed (Alexander Piso I), and Proculus Piso was nearly killed. They did though, manage to kill Domitian and thus, regained control of the Roman Empire; putting the elderly Nerva in as emperor to replace Domitian. They had Nerva recall Arrius Piso and his family back to Rome. Afterwards, when Nerva died, they had Trajan replace him.

Arrius Piso did not dare put in one of his own immediate family members in as emperor and he did not dare rule openly as emperor either. Evidence shows that Arrius Piso co-ruled (behind the scenes as a “shadow emperor”), with Titus, Nerva, Trajan and perhaps during the first year of Hadrian’s reign). I am not entirely sure if he (Arrius Piso) had co-ruled with Vespasian or not. It is possible. It is mainly Pliny The Younger’s work that tells us that Arrius Piso had co-ruled with these emperors.

Now, just to summarize for you some of the changes that occurred over the years regarding the Oligarchy, here are some of the various periods in which such changes were made. In chronological order; Constantine and making Christianity the official Roman religion (and the establishment of Constantinople), the Byzantine or Eastern Empire, Charlemagne and the establishment of the Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon and the fall of the Holy Roman Empire [1st Reich], the rise of the 2nd Reich and its end via WWI, the rise and fall of the 3rd Reich and the its end with WWII.

Once WWII had ended, many of the countries that had been ruled by royalty, were opting for some form of Democratic rule or the election of representatives, or other forms of government. But, those who were of royal blood, were no longer ruling out in the open as they once had. Instead, they were retaining other powerful positions and were using what their families had used in the past to manipulate and control others. Instead of being the rulers of countries themselves, they would back or otherwise “buy” positions for those who they would have rule in their stead; that is, puppet representatives. In this way, those whose families had formerly ruled as kings, emperors or other types of monarchs, were safely living in the background with little to no risk to their person, while continuing to amass great wealth and resources at our expense.

Generation after generation they were taught to think of themselves as a different ‘race’ of people from the rest of us. They were ‘set apart’ from us. To them, they were born into the world to enjoy it to its fullest. While their view of us is that we were born into the world simple to be their chattel, or to be used by them in whatever way they wished. They see the world as “theirs”, not ours. And, they have a mental obsession with amassing and acquiring more and more wealth.

This is not merely a mental affliction of theirs as individuals, these thoughts and ideas have been bred into them so deeply for hundreds, even thousands of generations. Not simply this, but whenever psychopaths have been born into their ranks, they were the overseers of the Oligarchy and introduced the ideas (ideological concepts), views and wishes of psychopaths within that ‘race’ of individuals. That is a large part of why they are what they are and think as they do; they are at least in part, influenced by the psychopathic thoughts of psychopaths who were the creators of the infrastructure of the Oligarchy. In simple terms, those of the Oligarchy today, are in a very real sense, either genuine psychopaths or psychopaths by proxy.

And this is what we need to know in order to explain why it is that they do not think like we do in terms of things that make logical sense to us. What happens when psychopaths are left to rule? What happens when psychopaths fight with each other to rule the world? They would rather destroy themselves and have no thought or regard to anyone or anything other than themselves. This is why in spite of it not making sense to us to poison our world and to continue to pump more and more poison and toxins into our environment, to literally kill our world, that does not matter to them. What matters to them is their continued power through wealth (which amounts to nothing more than greed). It is also why we must take back our world before it is too late.

How do we deal with it? We already outnumber them. We need a real working Democracy, with the idea of a Socialized world and unified world. Remember, it is not just one country that they control and rule over, but the world. It must begin somewhere, and hopefully, in several places at the same time. We should, for those who live in the United States of America, work towards putting good people in positions of authority, while at the same time, getting rid of the corrupt.

Which makes our aim or goal to be one where we eliminate the causes of greed and corruption; want. Therefore, our goal should be wealth equality, so that no one is in need. This is also the main cause of most crimes. People who are made desperate due to lack of money, are pushed to do crimes in order to obtain money. There are so many people in prisons who do not belong there because of this and corruption. The justice/legal system too, must be changed. We must get rid of the money factor in convicting people and for-profit prisons, etc.

Again, what do we do? We get rid of old laws that are detrimental to us and we make new laws that will benefit us. And, once again, that happens much faster and better when we have good people in positions of authority. And that also means making certain that ‘bad’ people do not get in. We must focus more now upon identifying psychopaths and psychopaths by proxy and keeping them out of any and all positions of authority from a local level on up; and that includes people hired as police or in any part of government to those who are leaders in academia.

We must undo the “dumbing down” of people as well. To do that, we must think of our education system and make changes there as well. And, we must realize what methods and means have been used by the Oligarchy to make the masses “fall into line.” One of the main things that they have used for this, for the longest time, has been religion. We must begin to educate people to what most people do not realize about religion – that it is not the ‘good’ thing that they have thought it to be, and that it is actually very dangerous and harmful to us all on many levels.

So, we need to teach people how to spot and recognize when rhetoric and propaganda are being used against them – early on. We need to teach them to question and how to think; not simply what to think. That is why I have written many of the things that I have, to help with that, as a beginning to a foundation of new thought and to help my fellow human beings with the ability to think and reason rationally.

Below are papers that I have written that go into more detail on the many things that I have brought up and explained in this paper. Please read and share this information. Thank you.

In no particular order…

Oligarchy And Ancient Genealogies

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How & why did Christianity begin? It was created during a time of war & as a part of that war.

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All Roman Emperors From Antoninus Pius On Were Descended From Piso Family

Piso Christ: What Is The Book About?

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The New Classical Scholarship: The New Forensic Study Of History

The Medieval Censorship Of The Talmud

The Calpurnius Piso Family And The Origin Of Popes

The True Context Of Ancient History & The Gordian Emperors

Ancient Alias Names List (2017)

More papers will be found here:

The Roman Piso Papers


A few papers regarding psychopathy:

The Issue Of Genetic Psychopathy

Genetic Source Traits In Psychopaths

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Was Flavius Josephus A Clinical Psychopath?


Links to research (studies and papers) regarding religion:

Most people still do not know much at all about religion. One of the most important things regarding religion is for one to do their homework before thinking about joining any religion. That is why it is wrong to indoctrinate the young into religion. That is called Hereditary Religion. And, in reality it is child abuse.

Another thing to do is to study the history of religion and look for and read the latest studies on religion – particularly, anything exposing it as a danger or harmful in any way.

My research of the history of both history (yes, the history of history) and religion. My work exposes the sustained rule of the known work by royalty, which is called Royal Supremacy.

What was found is that down through history, organized religion was created by ancient royalty. And this was done for several purposes, including keeping the non-royal masses ignorant and superstitious so that they would be more easy to both control and manipulate.

In reality, religion represents an alternate form of (created version of) reality. The effects of which are negative to both believers and those who have to live with them. Religion is a form of psychological warfare.

Religion is much more harmful than most people have begun to realize; in many ways and on several levels.

‘Spiritual, But Not Religious’ Can Be More Dangerous Than Outright Religious Belief

Beware Of ‘Spirituality’ As Opposed To Simply ‘Religious’ (Mental Illness More Likely In ‘Spiritual’ People)

OCD: Religion & Risk (Religious Fundamentalism & Religious Fanatic Radicals, Terrorists, Psychotic Behavior, Etc.)

Why Religion Can Cause Mental Illness (Many Sources & Much Research Cited)

Religion & Schizophrenia

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Religion Is Not Benign

Religion Is A Mental Illness (Research Study By Kathleen Taylor, Oxford University Neuroscientist)

Religious Tolerance Is Propaganda

Rhetoric & Propaganda In The New Testament.

Angry & Vicious Bible God Causes Mental & Emotional Problems For Believers


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