Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton

A Review Of The 4th Democratic Debate (2015/2016 Schedule)
(Roman Piso, 01-19-2016)

These are some of the things that I had noted while watching the 4th Democratic Debate Sunday evening, Jan. 17th, on NBC, at 8:30 pm CST, and also on YouTube.* One of the first things that I had noticed was that Hillary was nodding her head while she was speaking, as if saying ‘yes’ or agreeing with herself in what she was saying. This is a tactic. It is subliminal manipulation of those who have ‘reactive’ minds, as instead of actually thinking about what is being said, they often just mimic what they see &/or hear.** Religious people, for instance, have minds of this nature and she knows that.***

Hillary Clinton tried to distort facts about Bernie Sanders and turning those distortions into propaganda.**** Bernie saw this and recognized what she was doing, but most viewers most probably would not. She did this several times, including when she brought up the issue of Bernie’s votes on Gun Control laws. And she used the words ‘flip-flop’, trying to make it appear as if he ‘flip-flopped’ on the issue; when the reality is that he only votes on bills and laws that a) make sense, and b) that are not packed with or loaded with other items that would make it bad to pass.*****

He, Bernie, reads all of these and considers them carefully, and that is why he sometimes votes against certain bills or laws. Hillary knows all of this, and she knows that most of the general public doe not; and she uses that knowledge to create inaccurate and untrue illusions in order to fool people. That speaks directly to her real personality and ethics (or lack thereof).******

During the Debate, the bills that Hillary brought up were not explained & clarified, except by Bernie, in response to her accusations. She tried to make Bernie ‘appear’ to be “pro-gun” (NRA). But to those who paid attention, that didn’t work, as it was obvious that she was again distorting the facts, &/or lying.

The fact of the matter is that IF she takes on Bernie based upon the ACTUAL facts, she is a dead duck. So, the only real chance she has is to distort facts. And that is exactly what she has resorted to. And, because Bernie has some truly great ideas, ideas that she had not thought about or wanted to do, she has stolen several of Bernie’s ideas and now states them as if they are hers!*******

This is because she realizes that a) they are popular and people like those ideas, and b) people will not support her if given the choice between someone like her, who will not do those things, and someone like Bernie who will. A couple of those things is the issue of police being racist & using deadly force too often, and of treating drug addicts as people with a disease instead of as criminals. She keeps stealing Bernie’s ideas and issues and trying to get credit for these for herself – as if nobody knows that she is doing this!

On the issue of pharmaceutical (medicine) companies, Hillary said that, and I am paraphrasing here, she didn’t want them to gouge people “too much” (but it’s okay by her if they keep gouging us to some degree). She also has a very loud, harsh voice. This was something I thought struck a number of people who heard it.

She, Hillary, has a fascist side to her that she tries to keep hidden by wrapping herself up in the Democratic illusion that she wants people to believe she is. That does come out at times and what it does, is to make it difficult for her to hide this fact. And when it does, her true, mean, horrible, screeching and ‘scolding’ voice comes out. Fortunately, when this side of her does come out, people get a genuine view of what she is really like under the outward image that she tries to fool people with.

Bernie pointed out that of the things that are on Hillary’s agenda are the same as that of the Republicans. And many people already knew that, which is why she has become known as ‘Republican Lite’. She really is a Republican deep down, having grown up in a Republican home and having started her career as one. She really hasn’t changed her spots, she appears to be following the motto, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’. So, she has infiltrated the Democratic camp and now many people think of her as one. Bernie is exactly what true Democrats have always been. He is like FDR in the sense that he wants to make progress for the majority of us and protect us from those who would do us harm.

Bernie also pointed out how Hillary’s use of Super PACs and how she has been running her campaign is also very much like that of the Republicans, as she is in favor of Super PACs, lobbying, etc. Also, Hillary began by appealing to the religious, which is another tactic used primarily by Republicans. The religious (as she well knows), have been ‘trained’ by their pastors and other leaders to look for people of ‘belief’ to vote for, or “belief candidates” as they are sometimes known.********

So, these religious people in their various groupings are manipulated by politicians in various ways and to varying degrees. This is a strategy that has been used for many, many years. Without the support of the religious, the manipulators do not stand a chance of winning, because they would lose the support of the delusional individuals who will buy anything and anyone who appears to support or be of their own belief; even if it is even just a belief in a God, and not of their own particular religion. Many people are now realizing this and what has really been going on, which is why there are now less of these religious individuals out there for these crooks to manipulate.

Regarding Hillary lying and distorting facts, Martin O’Malley actually pointed this out, saying that a statement that she had made was a lie. He didn’t say that she got her facts wrong, but that she lied. Meaning that he realizes that she is deliberately lying, that she knows that what she says are lies, but that she doesn’t care that what she says are lies.

The more that I see of Hillary, the more I question whether or not she is really a normal person, or if she may in fact, be a clinical psychopath. The evidence as I have seen it, tends to lean towards her as a clinical psychopath, who because of that, is also a pathological liar (one of the predominant traits).

Andrea Mitchell was hard on Bernie, and apparently being so in an effort to help Hillary or to make Hillary look better by contrast. Remember that Andrea Mitchell is Alan Greenspan’s wife, and thus, biased against Bernie. It was difficult to listen to this debate for 2 hours having to hear Hillary’s horrible voice. I can’t imagine having to hear that virtually all the time for 4 years. Regarding the issue of religion, Martin O’Malley also brought up the issue, calling himself “a person of faith” when speaking about Trump and his national registry for Muslims.

After Andrea Mitchell had badgered Bernie, she did ask Hillary a question that Hillary pretty much blew off; it appeared that Andrea Mitchell did this only so that it would appear that she had not just singled out Bernie. But I don’t recall her doing that to Martin O’Malley.

And right after the debate, Hillary and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (the head of the DNC who appears to have been in on trying to set up Bernie to make it look like his people stole info from Hillary’s camp), walked right up to each other, totally ignoring Bernie. So many of us are wondering how it is that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still in her DNC position. Why hasn’t the DNC replaced those involved in that scandal to make certain that this election is fair and unbiased?

Footnotes & References:

* On January, 17th, 2016 (8:30 pm CST). Supposedly in real-time on YouTube.
** This is a well-known tactic in areas which study both subliminal/subconscious cues, and in the study of Body Language.
*** Recent studies in the effects of religion upon believers have revealed how their belief affects their ability to think in more rational and reasonable terms, and makes them more susceptible to irrational and outrageous ideas and ideology. And therefore, much more easily manipulated by those who know how to manipulate the religious. This is one reason that believers tend to believe things that others who are more critical &/or intelligent will not. See the studies & information provided in the links below.
**** You may want to watch a recording or video of the debate to sort through these for yourself.
***** Bernie Sanders actually takes the time to read through legislation himself, while others such as Hillary has other people read it over and issue her a ‘report’ about it. Hillary was “going there”, trying to create the illusion that Bernie Sanders was a “flip-flopper” (a sound-byte negative cue word used in propaganda). The reality is that Hillary has done actual ‘flip-flopping’ and has done so according to which way the political wind was blowing. This is a matter of record.
****** Hillary is an individual who manufactures and otherwise creates misinformation and propaganda in order to deliberately deceive people. She is not new at this as she has been doing this for some time now. That reveals her real and true personality. Lying and deceiving people is something that she does on a regular basis and she has no qualms or remorse about doing so. Apparently, she has no conscience. And this points strongly towards her being a clinical psychopath.
******* Several people have noticed this. And, in addition to this, she tends to ‘ride the coat-tails of others who have had success or done great things; such as her having hitched her wagon to President Obama and his successes, claiming to be a major part of that; and, of claiming to be his successor by carrying on his policies. Another thing that she does that clinical psychopaths do is to ‘paint pictures’ or mental images (as opposed to just stating specific facts, as clinical psychopaths tend to generalize or give as little specific information as possible, unless pressed to do so) to use to sway or convince people of things, to manipulate them or get them to think, say or do what she wants them to. She has done this a number of times, including when she brought up about her being in the situation room with Obama when they went in to get Osama Bin Laden, and that she was ‘there’ in New York doing things for people during 911.
******** This is the result of indoctrination and continual exposure to religion (or ‘faith’ in things which are not substantiated or proven/provable, irrational &/or outrageous, or even contrary to reality itself). Pastors and other religious leaders, whether they realize it or not (that is, some religious leaders may well be “true believers” who do not realize the harm that they are doing to people and who may be under the mistaken impression that they are doing something ‘good’), make believers more receptive to others who claim some religious affiliation; particularly, those that are similar to their own. And thus, even though in the U.S., we are supposed to have a separation between Church & State, politicians and others have gotten around this in this and other ways, because they know that most people do not realize that this is being done or even how it is done. Another factor in this is that believers develop what is termed an ‘ego feed’ and a need to have their beliefs affirmed (in their mind, ‘confirmed’) by other believers. See my work in this area and other research and studies on this subject).

Links to various studies & information:

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The 4th Democratic Debate Of 2015/2016

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