Religion Is Harmful.

Religion is much more harmful than most people have begun to realize; in many ways and on several levels. Organized religion, according to new studies was created by ancient royalty as a means to easily manipulate and control the masses. In reality, religion is a form of psychological warfare. Below is a list of various studies and information that further exposes the dangers of religion.

‘Spiritual, But Not Religious’ Can Be More Dangerous Than Outright Religious Belief

Beware Of ‘Spirituality’ As Opposed To Simply ‘Religious’ (Mental Illness More Likely In ‘Spiritual’ People)

OCD: Religion & Risk (Religious Fundamentalism & Religious Fanatic Radicals, Terrorists, Psychotic Behavior, Etc.)

Why Religion Can Cause Mental Illness (Many Sources & Much Research Cited)

Religion & Schizophrenia

How Psychopaths Use Religion

Religion Is Not Benign

Religion Is A Mental Illness (Research Study By Kathleen Taylor, Oxford University Neuroscientist)

Religious Tolerance Is Propaganda

Rhetoric & Propaganda In The New Testament.

Angry & Vicious Bible God Causes Mental & Emotional Problems For Believers

The Roman Piso Papers


Hello. Welcome to The Piso Project.

What is The Piso Project? The Piso Project is an effort of various member researchers to contribute to our knowledge and database, information regarding the Roman creation of Christianity – particularly that of the royal Piso family of the Roman Empire.

Here, you will find links and other information to help you to better understand our work. We have discovered some very important things. Our findings will change the way that ancient history, texts and religion will be studied in the future. This is because among other things, our findings have revealed that ancient history has not been studied in the correct context.

The correct context for studying ancient history is much more complex than researchers have been previously taught to understand. What our work as made us understand is that ancient history and all texts (including “religious” texts) that were produced for publication were written by royalty and that non-royals were never permitted to write anything for publication under penalty of death.

Thus, it was, in short, an “inside job” and needs to be analyzed as such. It cannot be both. It had to be this way, or the way that it has been studied previously. That means that this MUST be considered and examined because everything that we may be able to know about ancient history and religion hangs in the balance until this is resolved for all scholars.

So, you may now being to see why this work is so important. Research papers will be posted at You may get there by the link (that should show up here) or copy & paste the URL into your browser.